Why Tires are Vitally Important for your Safety

Why Tires are Vitally Important for your Safety

Tires are perhaps the most unappreciated part of your automobile. Whether you have a new pick-up truck that costs upwards to $60,000 or more, or you drive a battered old beater, full of dents and perhaps missing a bumper, yet it still gets you to where you are going, the most essential thing holding the entire thing together is perhaps $200 to $400 worth of tires.

Tires Do Four Essential Things:

1. They provide all the needed grip on the road for both braking and acceleration.

2. They allow the suspension and steering systems to keep you traveling on the road, turning when necessary, and have over-all directional control.

3. The entire weight of the vehicle is supported by the tires.

4. They act, in conjunction with the shock absorbers to eliminate and minimize vibrations and bumps in the road.

How Often Do Tires Need Replacing?

According to Consumer Reports, When to Replace Tires slightly over 9 percent of all vehicle crashes are caused by tires that should have been replaced. Which is one reason why you should give your car the penny tests each month. You simply slip a penny into the larger tire groves of your tire and if the top of George’s head is flush with the tire, you have about 4/32 of an inch of tread left and it’s time to go shopping for tires. Meanwhile, if there is space about the head, you may want to head to the tire shop today!

Meanwhile, Kelly Blue Book How often should I change tires? reminds drivers that a great deal depends on usage as well as the composition of the tires. If you do a lot of cornering at high speeds, frequently travel on rough roads, or are heavy on the brake pedal, all can cause your tires to wear down relatively quickly.

By far, the holy grail of maintenance, however, besides checking regularly for worn-down tread and tire damage is proper tire inflation. Any tire shop escondido ca reminds drivers that they should check their tire pressure at least once per month as tires typically lose about 1 PSI per month. Be sure and go by the optimum recommendation of pressure on the door jam of your vehicle, not the maximum pressure listed on the tire itself. Inflating tires to the maximum inflation level will not only decrease the length your tires will last overall but negatively increases the handling.

How Much Does A New Set of Tires Cost?

Besides there being different grades of tires, the main determination of a new tire is tire size. While a set of 4 new 16-inch tires will typically run a consumer around $400 to $500, a set of 20-inch light duty truck tires maybe double that amount. Drivers should really do their research to find perhaps the three best brands and then look for the price.

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