Five Trends That Will Shape the Global Automotive Market in the Next Few Years

Global automotive growth is set to outpace the progress of established markets. Currently accounting for nearly 60 percent of total automotive profit, emerging markets are projected to grow at more than three times the rate of the established markets. By 2020, emerging markets will account for two-thirds of all automotive profit. China is the driving force behind this transformation. The following are six trends that are likely to shape the global automotive market in the next few years. This is a good time to invest in global automotive research and development.

Market structure

Globalization has accelerated the process of globalization in the automotive industry, leading to more complex production networks and value creation structures. In addition to the complexity of supply chains, some vehicle models are produced at one location and sold throughout the world. However, demand structures have changed enormously in recent years. For example, Asian demand for large SUVs has increased significantly, but North American production capacities have remained the same. This means that there is less room for differentiation among premium OEMs.


The automobile has evolved from simply being a mode of transport to a sophisticated device that caters to a plethora of consumer needs. Automobiles can now sense road rage and react with a “Mood Burst,” while improving fuel efficiency and passenger safety are just as pressing issues. Ultimately, the automobile must be sustainable, and the innovation industry must adapt. But what does the future hold for the automotive industry?

Cost pressures

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Automotive Industry Trends 2030

The automotive industry is experiencing a radical transformation from a world of competition among peers to a collaborative and open ecosystem. This shift requires OEMs to align their skills to the challenges of the future, including cybersecurity, data privacy, and continuous product updates. To be successful in this new world, they must differentiate their products, reinvent their value proposition, and move beyond traditional car sales and maintenance.

McKinsey’s Senior Expert in Cologne, Timo Moller, explores these trends.

Manufacturing revolution

The fourth industrial revolution is expected to begin in the automotive industry, which is already at the forefront of new technologies. Historically, the industry has pioneered new manufacturing techniques, mass production and lean production. It is one of the largest industries, and contains around 40% of the world’s operational robots. It also employs a high proportion of unskilled workers. Advances in manufacturing technology have streamlined many processes and lowered labor costs.

Connected systems

The Automotive Industry is poised for rapid change, and game-changing disruption is just around the corner. However, no comprehensive perspective exists on what the future might hold. Here, eight key perspectives on what the automotive industry will look like in the next ten to fifteen years. These trends will be shaped by new technologies and consumer habits, and they are already shaping the industry today. For automotive leaders, it’s critical to understand these trends and prepare for the changes ahead.

Lightweight materials

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What Is Engineering Mechanics?

There are many branches of engineering science, but what is engineering mechanics? This branch of science deals with the movement of materials and their perception by humans. This article will provide a basic understanding of each of these branches. You’ll also discover what engineering mechanics is not, and what it can do for you. Here are some common examples. Read on to learn more! Applied mechanics is the study of motion in a physical context.

Static Mechanics

An introductory course in engineering and physics is called statics. This course covers fundamental concepts in mechanics and introduces the concept of equilibrium, the concept of forces at rest, and the laws of Newton. Statics is a core subject in engineering, and a good statics class is essential for a better understanding of dynamics. The mellow nature of this course means that students can fully understand the material and concepts presented.

The concepts of statics are based on the concept of the center of gravity, which represents the imaginary point where all the mass of a body lies. The center of gravity determines how stable a body is in response to external forces. When a body’s center of gravity is located outside of its foundations, it experiences torque. Small disturbances in this center of gravity can cause the body to fall. In statics, the center of gravity is an important concept in structural engineering.


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