Automotive Industry Trends

A recent study by McKinsey and PwC shows that the automotive industry is undergoing massive change. OEMs are evolving their collaboration strategies and ways of doing business to remain competitive. New technology such as fuel economy, sensors, and systems have increased the technical content of a vehicle. The car is also a communications, entertainment, and communication platform, and the OEMs must master all of these elements to stay ahead of the competition.

Rapid digitalization

As technology continues to improve and the cost of integrating new information becomes more significant, the auto industry is under intense pressure to meet consumer expectations. To compete, the industry must develop new ways to capture attention and spend on transportation. As a result, the auto industry needs to transform and focus on maximizing the value of digitalization. This article outlines the major challenges facing the industry as it tries to meet the demands of consumers.


According to a recent McKinsey survey, nearly eighty percent of automotive suppliers have already defined sustainability targets. This gap between planning and doing may be understandable from a near-term economic perspective. For example, many suppliers are keeping plants in lower-cost regions, even though that will cost them more in CO2 emissions. However, this cost advantage is largely offset by increased emissions if plants were located in higher-cost areas.


The EV transition has begun, but most OEMs are not profiting from EV sales. Compared to ICE vehicles, EVs cost around $12,000 more to produce. With higher production costs, carmakers … READ MORE ...

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Automotive Industry Trends 2030

The automotive industry is experiencing a radical transformation from a world of competition among peers to a collaborative and open ecosystem. This shift requires OEMs to align their skills to the challenges of the future, including cybersecurity, data privacy, and continuous product updates. To be successful in this new world, they must differentiate their products, reinvent their value proposition, and move beyond traditional car sales and maintenance.

McKinsey’s Senior Expert in Cologne, Timo Moller, explores these trends.

Manufacturing revolution

The fourth industrial revolution is expected to begin in the automotive industry, which is already at the forefront of new technologies. Historically, the industry has pioneered new manufacturing techniques, mass production and lean production. It is one of the largest industries, and contains around 40% of the world’s operational robots. It also employs a high proportion of unskilled workers. Advances in manufacturing technology have streamlined many processes and lowered labor costs.

Connected systems

The Automotive Industry is poised for rapid change, and game-changing disruption is just around the corner. However, no comprehensive perspective exists on what the future might hold. Here, eight key perspectives on what the automotive industry will look like in the next ten to fifteen years. These trends will be shaped by new technologies and consumer habits, and they are already shaping the industry today. For automotive leaders, it’s critical to understand these trends and prepare for the changes ahead.

Lightweight materials

Automotive lightweighting strategies are based on cost, performance, and sustainability. Considering these factors, these trends create … READ MORE ...

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Allows you to list your own car for sale

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Is a good place

Automotive Industry Statistics – Global Trends

Automotive industry statistics show that the largest market is Asia Pacific. The US has lost ground since 2016 with vehicle production declining by 27.7%. Carbon fiber is a labor-intensive material. Sales of private vehicles are set to decrease, as shared mobility services expand. But how much will this change? The following facts will provide some perspective. Let’s look at some of the key trends. And what are the implications for the industry? We’ll look at trends in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Asia Pacific is the largest automotive market

With its massive population and thriving economies, Asia Pacific is a top destination for automotive manufacturers. The region is home to some of the world’s most valuable vehicle manufacturers, including Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai. Sales of passenger vehicles in the region generate enormous revenue for the automotive industry. Many automakers are investing heavily in research and development and market-specific media insights. Communicators must work closely with their marketing and communications counterparts to create integrated campaigns that promote their brand and products.

The report uses a variety of primary and secondary sources, including financial reports, national government documents, and a statistical database. Major companies included in the report include Aptiv PLC, Continental AG, Denso Corporation, Hitachi, Ltd., Pektron, Robert Bosch GmbH, and ZF Friedrichshafen AG. There are several other companies listed in the report, including Veoneer Inc. and Transtron Inc.

US vehicle production has fallen by 27.7% since 2016

After the auto industry, manufacturing accounts for less than 12% of the U.S. … READ MORE ...