The North West Automotive Business UK Automotive Industry Facts

UK automotive industry statistics 2015Automotive sector software which improves design, improvement, production, testing and sale of motor cars and associated parts and equipment. Even a simple Brexit deal must result in a period of stagnation, 1.7 million cars per year almost certainly being the upper limit. There will no doubt be some initial supply chain disruption, but the major automotive players can easily plan for this. There is also the possibility of import tariffs for elements imported from outside the EU, and at the very least, an improve in the ‘paperwork’ essential to prove a elements supply of origin.

About 1.7 million autos had been produced in the United Kingdom in 2016, of which around 80 percent have been exported (SMMT 2017). If, as analysts expect, half of the vehicles made in 2030 are electrified autos (EVs and PHEVs) and have an assumed battery cost per automobile of £3,200, this will outcome in a volume of £2.7 billion per year. This is an enormous organization for the British chemicals business alone and just for UK-manufactured vehicles.

Thirdly, autonomous autos and connected automated (and connected) technologies stay a major development concentrate for the UK Government. Analysis a function has so far benefitted from European funding by way of the Horizon 2020 project, which is probably to be lost upon EU withdrawal. This potentially presents an chance for the UK to partner with technologically-strong emergent economies such as China and India to become a industry-leader in this breakthrough field, which is (at … READ MORE ...