How Augmented Reality Disrupts The Learning Curve Automotive Industry

Learning curve automotive industryISC supplies independent, high top quality control engineering consultancy and R & D solutions to the automotive market, typically in powertrain handle. A related therapy of this material can be discovered in M.A. Cusumano, The Japanese Automobile Business: Technologies and Management at Nissan and Toyota (Cambridge: The Council on East Asian Research, Harvard University Press, 1985). Michael A. Cusumano is Assistant Professor of Management at the MIT Sloan College of Management. Dr Cusumano holds the A.B. degree from Princeton University and the Ph.D. degree in Japanese language and company history from Harvard University. His present analysis includes a study of the integrated management of item and method improvement, focusing on firms applying a factory” model to big-scale application production.

At Keyes, Bumpus fine-tuned his management expertise operating with veteran shop operator Don Extended, who took Bumpus and other managers to tour and study effective collision organizations. Throughout visits, they took images of a variety of shop layouts, equipment and processes. They followed up the visits with a roundtable discussion about what worked and what didn’t. It was a issue-solving approach to get rid of snags and delays all through the whole repair approach,” Bumpus says.

The sequence of evolutionary improvement in item and method throughout the period of the price-minimization approach and the subsequent strategy transition is paralleled in the pattern of main Ford innovations. Exhibit IV plots the frequency and significance of Ford-initiated innovations by variety of application: solution innovation, method innovation, and transfer of process … READ MORE ...