Auto Parts – How Not To Need Them

Auto Parts – How Not To Need Them

Auto Parts - How Not To Need Them

We live in a generation where people are lazy and so dependent on modern conveniences. We can not even be bothered anymore to push buttons on a machine to get results. In our day and age everything is touch-sensitive – no need to push the button, just touch the screen and get results! We also have remote controls for every type of electric gadget including light switches, music players, TV, car engines, fans, and A/C and heating systems to name a few.

The Laziness

Part of this laziness is that we also don’t rely on our feet to take us around and take us to places. We instead rely on wheels. If it will be a bicycle wheel or even a roller blade wheel it will be good. But not. We rely on motorized wheels. Be it a motorcycle or a car, we want to quickly and efficiently bring ourselves to where we need to go with the smallest effort possible.

From all the motorized wheels available to us, most people like their own personal car best. We like the privacy and convenience of having a car at our beck and call. No longer do we like to rely on taxis, trains, buses or even a friendly hitch. We want to have a car parked right outside in our driveway or in front of our house or apartment building, waiting patiently for the minute we decide it’s time to make use of it. No matter the distance, be it close or far, intricacy or intercity, our private car gets us to where we need and want to go and at the exact time that we want to. We get into our car to drive down the block or around the corner. Many of us would even dig our car out of a few feet of snow just to drive down the block and buy ourselves a newspaper or a coffee. Walking is no longer an option. It almost seems outdated and old fashioned.

Health Problems

Of course, this has caused many health problems to emerge. We are flooded with obesity. We don’t exercise, we must stay healthy and fit. Along with this arises diseases and diseases caused by obesity and lack of circulation in the body. Some heart ailments, Diabetes, and Digestion are just a few of the tip of the iceberg when it comes to health problems caused by lack of movement and our dependence on four wheels. Even when it might be faster to walk or take a bus because of traffic or weather conditions, we would rather sit in a car without moving than go out and walk to where we need to go. When we stopped at the parking lot, we immediately began to look for the parking space closest to our location so we didn’t have to walk a few steps to the destination.


This may seem extreme when reading in written words but take the time to pay attention to it the next time you leave the house. Where are you going? How far is that? Can you walk easily there? Do you want to do as little as possible to walk? Park at the opposite end of the parking lot from where you need to go! Don’t be lazy, look for opportunities to use your feet as transportation. Don’t forget that if your car has less wear, it won’t require much maintenance and you won’t be in a car repair shop buying cars and auto parts to repair the damage.

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