Attributes Commonly Monitored Through Ride Share Technology

A lot of people are familiar with ride share apps and how convenient they are. People never stop to consider the various attributes that an entity such as Carcoin has to track to make the experience as economical as possible. A lot of ride share companies are starting to use blockchain technologies to keep correct track of a variety of things that you might not have even considered! We will be looking at some of the most commonly tracked/adjusted attributes within a network’s busy day (or night)!

Attributes Commonly Monitored Through Ride Share Technology

Safety is typically the most paramount of all concerns for such a service provider. This is why a ride network will track how often the driver breaks, how abruptly the drivers break, how quickly the driver adjusts to full speed, if the driver speeds excessively and even what the riders feel regarding the driver’s safety. Safety alone always has a handful of attributes being careful monitored. As you’ll soon see, the other attributes are really no different.

Location is another important attribute. The network will be very concerned with how often a driver passes this location or that one. How long a driver stays in a particular region is also carefully considered. If a driver passes a given street on a regular basis, and has a secure safety rating, any new customer on that street needing a lift will likely be led directly to that particular driver. This is an example of why it’s so important for these networks to track ride attributes.

The monetary exchanges are tracked and kept through the network. Networks utilizing blockchain technology really excel at this part of the process because of the technology’s tie to cryptocurrency. Blockchain might also be a safer way to pay that driver that takes you to work than a debit card.

Certain attributes that many would not consider important are tracked as well. The sex and age of the drivers can be easily tracked. This might seem silly but a great deal of consumers feel more comfortable riding with somebody of either the same sex or age range. Attributes having to do with positive reviews from riders might also be thrown into the mix of things. Nitpicking at such a level might not be possible in smaller areas where there are fewer active drivers, however. Consumers in more populated areas typically have a great deal of freedom when choosing their share drivers. These sorts of additional attributes become increasingly more important each day in such cities.

Now you know how that app of yours works! It doesn’t just throw an arrow on the map and call you up a last-minute ride. A number of very important attributes are tracked, and routes are carefully developed for those qualified drivers that are looking for work. Those drivers are put into contact with qualified customers looking for a ride and willing to pay for it. Without carefully monitoring the types of attributes discussed here, none of this would be possible. Look for networks and routes to become more technologically advanced as the market grows even further.

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