How Emerging Marketing Technologies Will Influence The Automotive Sector Adweek

Technology in automotive industryBlockchain technology, which has already disrupted the economic solutions and supply chain industries, has at last arrived in the auto market. A paradigm shift to mobility as a service will inevitably force classic automobile companies to compete on numerous fronts. Mobility providers (Uber, for example), tech giants (such as Apple, Google), and specialty OEMs (Tesla, for instance) improve the complexity of the competitive landscape. Standard automotive players will really feel the squeeze, likely leading to shifting marketplace positions in the evolving automotive and mobility industries, potentially leading to consolidation or new forms of partnerships amongst incumbent players.

Nevertheless, the “age of invention” in the history of the automobile is, without having doubt, the nineteenth century: an era which saw the appearance of numerous sorts of powered vehicles, including these driven by steam engines, electric motors, and internal combustion engines. At the finish of the century, the internal combustion engine was firmly established as the top supply of automotive energy. At about the same time, the mechanical structure of the automobile was taking its final kind, as the steering wheel, Ackerman technique, and the front engine, rear-wheel drive (FR drive), and other mechanisms had been extensively adopted. In 1891, Panhard of France received a patent on the mechanical program that became the normal for subsequent automobiles.

As four technologies trends reshape the worldwide automotive sector , buyer preferences are moving away from its conventional strongholds, such as chassis and engine improvement. This shift in buyer preferences and the … READ MORE ...