Aluminum Transport Chair With 12" Wheels, Royal Blue, Every single Duro Med Industries

Duro med industries transport chairUser-friendly, transport chair folds for simple storage and transport. Whilst it is not so fantastic in transporting the user in and out of the shower, it offers excellent comfort and stability. Transport chairs are made for fast and easy transport of the user with no the cumbersome bulkiness of a wheelchair. It’s resistant to corrosion and comes with an adjustable height. Every leg has some plastic covers that guarantees that the seat does not slip, whilst the foldable structure tends to make it effortless to transport if necessary.

At the time he wrote his report, Dickinson believed the proper wheel brake was attached to the transport chair on the day of the accident and that it failed on that day, causing the wheel to be free to roll. Id. at 48, 65. It is left to the trier of fact to establish whether or not a warning to use light measured force would have altered the behavior of the user who broke the brake, therefore leading to the plaintiff’s removal of the brake. A juror could reasonably conclude that, but for the absence of the brake, the accident would not have occurred. The plaintiff opined that the brake would not have worked if it have been on the wheelchair. DE 115 Exhibit two.

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