Future Of Automotive Aftermarket And Auto Servicing Industry Association

Auto service industry trendsOur Automotive Service plan prepares students to work in the automotive repair sector. The Automotive Service Association (ASA) was founded in 1951 to assist automotive shop owners statewide by way of resources, coaching, legislative representation, networking, communication efforts and more. Because our inception, our members have come to count on us to support them sustain the highest level of professionalism as their shops grow and modify as new technology is introduced. We encourage all of our shops to strictly adhere to our Code of Ethics to make certain high quality service to their consumer.

Chief among the causes for this strength: the large and expanding fleet of cars and their higher average age. Older cars require more care and an aging and older national fleet is wonderful news for aftermarket providers. A fantastic portion of being an automotive service technician is getting a trusted skilled who advises owners on their vehicles’ requirements. Most automotive service technicians work a 40-hour, five-day week. Some evening, weekend or vacation function could be needed.

The American Healthcare Collection Agency is a leader in the collection industry and gives top quality debt recovery solutions and committed resources to healthcare providers across the United States. And they are very good at recovering healthcare related poor debt. With the return of economic stability, new car sales have been increasing as properly – but the aftermarket remains sturdy. Much more new cars hitting the road PLUS vehicles are receiving older (but staying registered) has these … READ MORE ...