Global Auto Mall

Listed below are the company details for Global Auto Mall. The company is a Private company with 350 employees. It is a leading Automobile dealership and a Benchmarking Pro subscriber. It has a market share of 0.0% in at least one industry and is considered a Golden Goose, with medium-to-strong market share and a high profit margin, but lower revenue growth than its peers. Interested in learning more about Global Auto Mall? Continue reading to find out how the company compares to its peers.

350 employees

This report provides an in-depth look at Global Auto Mall’s employee data. The data is based on self-reported data from company employees. Additionally, Zippia compiles data from other companies and public sources, such as the BLS and company filings. While this report does not include salary information, it does provide a valuable snapshot of the working conditions of Global Auto Mall’s 350 employees. While this report does not rank Global Auto Mall against other companies, it does give a good sense of the diversity of the company.

The company recently announced a voluntary retirement scheme (VRS) for its 350 employees. The move will cost the company about Rs 30 crore and will be reflected in Q2 results. The benefits of the VRS will be realized over the next two years. The company will also gain efficiencies and improve its productivity by reducing costs. It is estimated that this move will save the company about 30 per cent of its workforce. But it also means … READ MORE ...