Global Auto Osaka Has a GT-R for Sale

If you love GT-Rs, you’ll want to check out Global Auto in Osaka. This GT-R candy shop has all of the latest models in stock, including the BNR34 and Sakai City variants. You can find many other exotic cars, such as a Nissan GT-R, here, too. We have a few things to know about this Japanese car dealer. Read on for a detailed description of the car for sale at Global Auto.

HKS Kansai Service

If you are looking for a top-rated HKS service center in Osaka, Japan, then look no further than Global Auto Osaka HKS Kanssai Service. This HKS dealer is known for offering high- performance auto parts to fit a variety of makes and models. From brakes and suspension to performance electronics, HKS is well-equipped to help you with whatever your vehicle needs.

Racing Factory Yamamoto S2000

The Global Auto Osaka Racing Factory Yamamoto is a modified S2000 that is built in Japan. This car has a number of upgrades, including a genuine Mugen front lip, Chargespeed carbon canards in Imola Orange, and TE37SLs. This is a very high-quality car, made in Japan by a company called Sorcery. The car also has a wide stance, with wide fenders and a low center of gravity.

Active Red R34 GTR from Global Auto

The Active Red R34 GTR from Global Auto is a stunning example of the latest Japanese supercar. It features an advanced AWD system, 276 HP from the factory, and a host of performance enhancements. A unique … READ MORE ...