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China automotive industry competitionThe automotive sector becoming incredibly competitive, compels companies to offer you a wide range of car options to cater to finish-users’ demands. Through this agreement, Volvo CE will register its goods to , the global auto trader’s marketplace which has been created by SK Encar for the convenience of importers and exporters who are interested in trading new & employed automobiles on-line. As the construction equipment industry faces downturn, Volvo group was struggling to seek for breakthrough options in controlling their export enterprise and lastly came up to decide on the strategic partner, SK Encar.

The automotive sector is going by way of a huge transformation. Cars are no longer easy vessels that transport us from point A to point B-they have evolved quickly into hugely complicated computers that provide a whole host of services far beyond transportation. Entertainment, communications, connectivity, and navigation are just the starting. This convergence in between technology and automobiles continues to force tremendous adjustments to the auto industry’s business model to stay competitive.

As a result, in the early 1960s, the federal government embarked on a quantity of initiatives to increase exports from Canada to the United States, and also to prompt the US automobile firms — and the American government — to rethink the automotive trade and production connection among the two nations. After a series of incidents, like a confrontation over imported parts and a tense round of negotiations, what emerged was the 1965 Canada-US Automotive Items Trade Agreement , … READ MORE ...