NPD Expands Aftermarket Sector Monitor Retail Panel With Extra Auto Components Retailers

Npd automotive aftermarket industry monitorCHICAGO (March 16, 2011) — NPD Group Inc., a market research firm, is marking ten years of creating the Aftermarket Industry Monitor — which tracks point-of-sale info at the national and nearby market levels — by adding 3 auto parts retailers to its retail panel. Consumer Tracking – Our Customer Tracking offers in-depth detail straight from shoppers, so you can analyze retailer share, measure category and channel functionality, explore consumer demographics, and comprehend buy dynamics. Over 12 million surveys annually inform us where customers shop, what they get, and how considerably they pay. The service delivers a comprehensive picture of consumer activity across all retail channels. Its data is aligned with our Retail Tracking hierarchy, allowing for higher-level market alignment of our toys customer information. Toy industry leaders use this robust data to uncover opportunities and create products, messaging, and promotions that appeal to their target customers.

Annual U.S. Fine Watch Market Report – Answer your fine watch marketplace connected concerns with detailed data on the U.S. watch sector and the fine watch brands industry. This report from LGI, an NPD Group firm, is the most complete, data-driven analysis of the U.S. fine watch market. It consists of insight on sales and inventory trends, detailed information by gender, watch retailing and distribution data, brand rankings, and detailed brand profiles.

Lastly, the uncharted territory” for our sector involves the import tariffs that have been implemented in late 2018, with a planned boost of more than double in … READ MORE ...