An Easier Way To Fix That Cracked Windshield

Most people have likely incurred a cracked windshield at one time or another in their lives. Even just a small chip can be a nuisance, especially if it’s in your line of vision. It’s also a safety hazard. But with our busy lives, making an appointment at a windshield installation company seems like a hassle. And who wants to be without their car for any length of time? I’m assuming not too many. Well, there’s a solution to this.

An Easier Way To Fix That Cracked Windshield

Mobile Windshield Repair

It seems like the glass companies were listening, and they’ve come up with a great solution. Some companies will come to where ever you are and repair or replace your windshield right there. So if you’ve been putting off this task for a while, it may be time to look into getting your windshield back to where it should be. Many windshield replacement cincinnati oh companies have many choices. Check reviews online to find a company near you that does this type of repair. Many companies also do a mobile repair on RVs, semis, campers, trailers and classic cars.

Can’t I Put It Off for Awhile?

Don’t put off windshield repair for too long. If chips and cracks go unaddressed for any length of time, dirt and moisture can build up and make it more likely replacement will be necessary, as opposed to repair. Also, a chip or crack will inevitably spread out, also known as “spidering,” and get worse and worse. Eventually, the spider will likely crawl across the windshield, so it could save you money to do it sooner than later.

Safety Concerns

If the chip or crack is in your line of vision, clarity can be compromised and cause safety concerns. In a split second, not being able to see clearly out of the windshield, could cause an accident. Also, a cracked windshield can easily shatter, and that could have dire consequences. Find a reputable repair company to make sure they follow all federal safety standards when doing these repairs.


That acronym stands for advanced driver assistance systems. ADAS refers to the family of safety systems in newer cars that are designed to work together to prevent or avoid potential collisions. There are cameras and sensors on the car for collision avoidance and blind-spot monitoring. These systems can’t work properly if there are cracks across the windshield. Not all vehicles have ADAS, so check your owner’s manual ahead of time and let the windshield repair company know if you do have it. That’s because the windshield may need to be re-calibrated after the installation to make sure all the safety systems are in sync and working together again.

It’s easy to take the windshield for granted, after all, you can’t really see it, but it is an important part of the overall safety systems your car has in place. In newer cars, all of the safety systems are interlinked and meant to work together. But if the windshield has a crack or a chip, it could be the weak link in the safety protocols your car manufacturer has put in place. Remember, safety first!

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