Auto Market Jobs, Employment How To Get Into Automobile Industry After Mechanical Engineering

How to get a job in the automobile industry303 Recruitment Agencies identified in the Automotive market. Munson sees the business responding not only to new technologies but also to a growth in sales. More vehicles had been sold in 2013 than in any year because 2007. As a result, the sector is hiring to rebuild its workforce right after years of layoffs and hiring slowdowns connected to the current recession. But along with reports of an engineering shortage, automakers report difficulties obtaining qualified staff.

I had been organizing to go to the US to pursue a master’s degree, but I began searching at universities in Germany and realized that they had been actually good. The sort of investigation carried out in the automotive field is great, not to mention the charge structure and the student jobs as investigation assistants, so it is a good alternative financially as properly as to get some expertise. I studied automotive engineering at the RWTH in Aachen.

As for me: I got a job selling Saturns ‘ yes, Saturns ‘ in the course of my senior year of college. Even though I was lousy at this job ‘ I lay blame mostly on the Saturn Astra for that ‘ I got some important market knowledge that helped my application go straight to the best of the pile when it came time for Porsche to employ some new interns. Six months later, I had a full-time job, a shiny new 911, and a cubicle with a … READ MORE ...