Air Freight Transportation Services Business Valuation, Size, Share, Development, Trends Forecasts 2023

Transportation service industry analysisWelcome to the Artificial Intelligence Law Weblog, brought to you by the AI, Robotics, and Autonomous Transportation Systems team at the law firm of Eckert Seamans. The committee will acquire and assess crucial financial data that ought to reveal the effects of OPA 90 on tankers and oceangoing barges operating below the Jones Act. The committee will also present and estimate historical and forecasted demand, as well as vessel supply data. In addition, ship and barge costs and capital specifications for replacing single-hull vessels will be assessed. Information are accessible by means of market sources and from presentations to the committee by market representatives. The committee has noted that the barge market is concerned about the effect of OPA 90 on the early retirement of single-hull oceangoing barges and on the financing of new building. These concerns will be assessed as component of the assessment of the tank vessel trade under the Jones Act.

The use of forecasts adds a degree of uncertainty to the committee ‘s analysis. No single forecast is offered that adequately addresses all of the elements influencing the supply and demand for tank vessels. Unfortunately, the diverse sources of information and forecasts that will be utilised in this study are not all developed from the same basis and will require matching to obtain the optimal output.

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